Reupholestering an old Rocking Chair

This chair has survived many things all though it is not that old, probably 12 years old & still pretty comfy and sturdy! So I decided to give it another outfit.

This is the blog post from four years ago when I last re-did the chair cover.

I started with the cover on the ottoman which was stapled on so removed that and cut the fabric more than 2 inches in the shape of the ottoman itself.

Then folding each side in, started stapling it in the middle first and working towards the end so that the fabric stays flat and pretty

After stapling all four sides and the corners, it was done. Corners are tricky as they gather up , so hold them together and staple them down.

i worked on the seat cushion next. The old seat cushion was really worn and torn so bought a high density foam to use as cushion.

Since my cushion didn’t require that big sized foam i cut and customized it to the size of my chair.(my cut is not perfect here)

I wanted to prevent anything wet and dust from staining and wrecking the foam so bought olefin fabric(which is an upholstery underlining utility fabric)

And cut 2 pieces of that exactly to the size of the cut foam and also cut out the sides of the foam which measured up-to 2 inches so had to cut 5 strips 2.5 inches wide for all four sides plus the front part. (I forgot to cut five pieces when i took the picture)

Then pinned the strips onto the main fabric on all four sides.

Then sew them together and after wards add the other side of it and pin it on all four sides and sew it.

Now sew on the fifth strips onto the open part of the cover. This would be the flap to button up the foam inside.

After sewing on the flap part its time to add the hook or button on the flap. I added hooks which are easy to sew using hands.

So first my liner cover was ✅ done. Now it is time for the outer cover. I used the same method of sewing for the outer cover as the liner cover.

After the cover was sewn, added the flaps too and sew on the hooks.

Then cut out a long strip to make ribbons to tie them onto the chair and place them securely in place. I cut them in half later and fold the strip inwards into the middle and fold them together again .

Then i worked on the cushion which needed the new outfit badly. I made an envelope cover for the cushion which wouldn’t require any buttons or hooks.

The easiest way to make the cover is to (only if you have quite a large amount of fabric)cut the fabric by folding it over the cushion and the fabric should over lap at least 4 inches so even if you sew the hem on either edges there is still enough fabric length for the overlapping of the envelope cushion.

Hem the edge of the fabric on either side and fold it over and adjust the length by tightening it up a bit.

Then sew both of the sides together.

Then the cushion was done. Didn’t cut the corners which is done normally to keep the corners in shape since it seemed to be holding its shape.

Now i had to do the final back cushion for which i used the same old cushion

So cut out 2 sets of fabric adding extra 2 inches on all sides. With the 2 right sides facing each other pinned them together and sew it in place on 3 sides leaving the bottom side open. Before sewing either leave an inch at the both bottom sides so that you can hem the ends or hem the bottom side first, then sew both the sides together.

After that i decided to use velcro on the back of the cushion using both the soft and hard ones. So sew it on three spots on the back of the cushion side should be up and the other in the opposite so that when you stick them together, they will stay on .

Then cut 2 strips too to make ribbons for added security. Sew them onto the top of the cushion cover.

That’s pretty much it! My rocking chair is going to look good for a while!

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