Chicken Door Stopper

I made this door-stopper so that I can leave my doors open without having to use a book or anything heavy as a stop to hold the doors open!

I referred the book ‘Red Ted Art’, by Maggy Woodley for this craft!

Aug 20156

I made it using some leftover fabric from a previous project. You will need a fabric the size of 20cms * 11cms.

Aug 2015

Use any colored felt fabric & cut out the shapes for the chicken’s Comb, Beak & Wattles. It can be any size you feel like, I don’t have any precise measurement for that. I made 2 sets of them to pick from.


Fold the fabric right sides inside together & keep the felt shapes inside.

Aug 20151

Then pin it in place so that they don’t slip, if you are sewing using a machine & hem the ends from the top left through the bottom right, I used a zigzag stitch.

Aug 20152

Now bring the fabric inside out & add the eyes for the chicken using a french knot. If you don’t know how to make a french knot check this link out.

Aug 20153


Once you are done with the knot it will look something like the picture above & now find some old fabric scraps or some cotton & stuff the quarter of the chicken with it which would be mostly its face.


Then add some poly pellets which are used for stuffing stuffed toys but if you don’t have some handy you can also use some rice instead.

Aug 20154

Then get the opposing ends & tuck them in and sew it together which creates a vertical or upright rather than a flat one.

Aug 20155

Now the chicken door stopper is ready to be used.




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