Travel Shoe Bag

These are very easy to sew travel shoe bag for those who travel a lot & carries shoes in their luggage. I made them out of cotton fabric and are washable when needed.

Half a yard would be good enough to make 2 good sized bags and i cut the fabric into 2 sets by cutting it into half.

After folding the pretty side together, fold the edges in and tuck the corners further in so that when u sew the sides you don’t end up sewing up the hole for the casing.

Sew the long side together and the top folded edges as well.

Using a safety pin thread the top folded edge or the casing using a ribbon or a regular cord and make a loose double knot by tying the ends together.

Now before turning them inside out cut the bottom corners so that the bag will stay square shaped and will look less bulky.

Then turn them inside out and and iron it out thoroughly.

That’s all it takes to make an easy travel shoe bag.

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