Easy Foot Hammock

My kid always keeps her ever growing legs on the chair next to hers & I started wondering it would be great if I can make her a foot hammock for hanging her feet! This is very easy to do project for those with only very basic sewing skills.

You are going to need :

Half a yard of fabric

One 12 inch long dowel

2 rings from old key chain will work

2 eye screws

Take the fabric & fold it in half lengthwise.

Fold the ends of the fabric about an inch or enough to push the dowel through.

I cut the 12 inch dowel into 2 pieces.

Shove the dowel through one end & sew it shut so that the dowel won’t come out later while in use.

I used a Light Nylon Rope & regular key chain ring for hanging it up. You could also use a regular twine but not quite sure how long it will last.

Cut or scrape 2 holes on the dowel on both sides using a scissors, cut it lengthwise. Then thread the cord through the hole & tie it secure on all four sides. Make sure all the cords are of the same lengths so that the hammock hangs direct way. Also, the cord should be tied onto the dowel so as to bear the weight that goes in the hammock.

Tie the cord and add the rings onto it.

Add the eyescrews onto bottom of the table & screw it tight onto both sides. 

Now it’s time to keep your feet up & enjoy!

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