Weighted pillow

I made this small flower shaped pillow with the help from my kiddo who obviously🙃 helped me cut the fabric! I used the felt fabric which has a different feel & texture to it. It is a 2 colored pillow … Continue reading

Chicken Door Stopper

I made this door-stopper so that I can leave my doors open without having to use a book or anything heavy as a stop to hold the doors open! I referred the book ‘Red Ted Art’, by Maggy Woodley for this craft! I made … Continue reading

Re purposing old sweater

I had this sweater which was one of my favorites but accidentally washed it in the wrong setting years ago & became double the size then I tucked it in with those junk clothes but found it when I was looking … Continue reading

Couch Remote Caddy

I always had problem with finding the remote when I need it so I thought of solving it by making a remote caddy which can be accessed right away when i need to use it & I made it with some remnants that I had lying around.


Since I had a brown or chocolate colored couch I chose somewhat a same colored fabric to make it.


I used 2 different colored  & sized fabrics. The one that goes in the bottom was slightly longer in length and was 18″ by 34″ & the other one was 10″ by 22″ & was slightly wider than the other one.



You will also need a dowel of 1/2″ by 12″ size & a matching colored thread.


I hemmed all the edges using a zigzag stitch, i didn’t hem the longer fabric as it was a fleece fabric which won’t have fray edges but did stitch the edges without hemming it to give both fabrics a similar look, but if you have a fabric that is not a fleece then hem all the four edges. If you are using a fabric that need to be hemmed then it needs to have 2 inches extra length & width for hemming than i have mentioned above.


Get the longer fabric & fold on the width 2 1/2″ inward & sew on the edge, it should have enough size to get the dowel through.


Now sew the small one right on to the other end of the longer one.


Then sew the sides folding it underneath. Ignore the velcro, I will explain it as we go! 🙂



Now sew on top of the top fabric all the way down on 2 different places if you need three pockets but if you need more than 3 pockets adjust & sew one more time.DSCF6787

Then push the dowel in through the hole made earlier.



Now lay on the couch & adjust the size according to however low or high you would like it to stay to reach for the remote!


Then tuck the dowel into the side of the cushion and the armrest where you sit.


After making necessary adjustments get the other end that is hanging down & velcro it using a glue gun on each side.


Once it’s been glued down, now is the time to get the remotes in & change the channels without running around to find them!

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Car seat back protector

Most of the moms know how they feel when the kids get in the car with those dirty boots and shoes and it makes me feel so uncomfortable but instead of screaming or yelling I thought I will make a car seat back protector which will leave it as is!


I used an old leftover fabric from a previous project which was published here before https://sewingallkind.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/folding-chair/ which was more than an year ago! This is made out of an outdoor fabric which is a kind of fabric used on those things that will be exposed to the outside elements.


Its not so much conspicuous in the front! It has 2 straps one is for the wider part of the seat at the bottom and a short one for the top of the seat which will keep it secure in place.


I have it covering the entire back seat so that there is no isolated part that get accidentally soiled! I also added 2 pockets to it to keep any toys or other stuffs!


So this is how it looks like afterwards! Green is my favorite color.. Green is a calm color which puts you in a happy feeling. Green resembles happiness, and seriously, lovers of green have shown to be happy and confident and also good social abilities. It has also a peacemaker resemblance to the color. People who like green also show to be satisfied when they help people 🙂

If you found this post interesting, I would be happy if you pin it or share it on Facebook or on Twitter or Google + circles! All it takes is a simple click on the “pin it”, “like”, “share”, “tweet”, or “Google+” buttons below the post. It will keep me fomented! Thanks!