Car seat back protector

Most of the moms know how they feel when the kids get in the car with those dirty boots and shoes and it makes me feel so uncomfortable but instead of screaming or yelling I thought I will make a car seat back protector which will leave it as is!


I used an old leftover fabric from a previous project which was published here before which was more than an year ago! This is made out of an outdoor fabric which is a kind of fabric used on those things that will be exposed to the outside elements.


Its not so much conspicuous in the front! It has 2 straps one is for the wider part of the seat at the bottom and a short one for the top of the seat which will keep it secure in place.


I have it covering the entire back seat so that there is no isolated part that get accidentally soiled! I also added 2 pockets to it to keep any toys or other stuffs!


So this is how it looks like afterwards! Green is my favorite color.. Green is a calm color which puts you in a happy feeling. Green resembles happiness, and seriously, lovers of green have shown to be happy and confident and also good social abilities. It has also a peacemaker resemblance to the color. People who like green also show to be satisfied when they help people 🙂

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No sew frindged fleece scarf

It’s a green dyed fleece scarf. Its pretty easy to make as it is a no sew scarf. You need 2 yards of fleece fabric & cut into 1 feet width piece & if you are using more than one fabric at this point sew them together in the middle. Then cut a slit in the side of the fleece every 1 inch (2.5 cm). Make sure to stop just before you reach the center. Do the same on the other side as well. The more layers you have the more fuller it will look. I will make one with more layers and upload it later. 

2014-12-09 22.13.05DSCF6282