Pink scarf

I sew this scarf with a small amount of cloth, its only 45 inches in length. I also made the pom poms from scratch using a multi colored yarn. it’s easy to make yarn pom poms. You need to have a fork & a whole yarn. You either use 2 fingers or a fork & wrap it around many times as thicker or fuller you would like it to be, for this scarf i did 40 times. Then take it off of the fork or finger & tie the yarn tightly around. Cut the loops, fluff it and trim it carefully. That’s it.

This scarf is available for sale at Here’s the link!

DSCF6298 DSCF6299

Kids Pillow







This is the pillow I made for a girl I know, I sew the name on the pillow using ‘Iron-on Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets’ after printing out the desired letters.

pillow                                                                                                 Here’s the back of the same pillow!