Re-covering a chair seat cushion

This post has nothing to do with sewing, but re-covering a chair seat! I recently tried to give a makeover to my dining chairs which have been through a lot of wear and tear.
Here’s the one after makeover(on left) & the one before makeover(right). I like the chocolate color as usual, which hides a lot of mishandlings. Its almost time for a new set of dining but wanted to stretch it for a little longer!!!

I used the following stuffs:
a heavy or light duty stapler
a stapler remover(optional)
scissors for cutting fabric
a screw driver for removing the pad from the frame
a measuring tape
a chalk or a marker for marking
a 2 yard upholstery fabric for 4 chairs


First cut the fabric into 4 pieces(1/2 a yard each).


Now turn the chair upside down or sideways & using a screw driver remove the seat pad from the bottom.


After removing the seat pad now take the top cardboard or in my case I had the white lining so remove that or you can leave it on & add the new fabric right on top. If the old fabric is really in a bad state then its better to remove it. You can use a stapler remover or a screwdriver to remove it one by one.



Now take the piece of fabric cover & place it wrong side up & the seat pad upside down & draw a line tracing the pad all around it.


You need to draw another line all around the pad leaving a 3 inch width using the measuring tape which is for folding under the chair for stapling.


Cut the fabric out & start stapling all around. Always start stapling at the center of each side holding firmly.


Bundle the corner fabrics into a fold just enough to oust any plaits on top.(that pin didn’t go neatly!)


Once you are done with all the sides its time to put the pad back on the frame.


And now the chair is ready for a new life & here’s my 3 out of 4 chairs after re-covering!(one is still undergoing the process.)


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