Re purposing old sweater

I had this sweater which was one of my favorites but accidentally washed it in the wrong setting years ago & became double the size then I tucked it in with those junk clothes but found it when I was looking for something else…:( But didn’t feel like donating or throwing it away so instead I thought of re-purposing it!


It needed some mending here & there! So I gave it a cut at the frontal middle of the sweater!


As it was too loose for me so I got another fitted sweater & pinned & sew all the way from the bottom through the arm sleeve on both the sides.



Then I got a really old belt(only one I had left) & cut out the buckle part of it!


I know its not the prettiest looking but it will go with the old sweater I had! I placed it where I would like it to be, it would look good on either sides of the waist!


Then hand sew it through the existing holes or seam!


I also made a 3-4″ slit in the bottom back of my sweater of which I forgot to take picture before stitching. So just in case the sweater is getting stretched out, it will look cute from the back! And I gave it a blanket/buttonhole stitch using a contrasting color thread. Here’s a link on how to do the blanket/buttonhole stitch


That’s pretty much it & this is how it looked on me, the front & back!



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